XungiBallz are unique 3D NFTs minted on the XRPL. The first collection of 3510 XungiBallz will be created and gifted to those that received the first XGBL airdrop (x32 airdrop).


A limited supply of XungiBallz will be created totalling 10,000 and split into several collections. These will be nick-named "Proteos" (Greek “proteos” which means “of prime importance,” “primary” or “first place.”)


XGBALLZ tokens have been issued to enable the distribution to XUMM wallets of those eligible for the "proteos" XungiBallz (1:1 redeemable). With the XRPL NFT landscape evolving quickly, this method of delivery is more than likely temporary and XRPL NFTs direct to wallets will come.

Offer Holder

XungiBallz will offer holders special access, privileges and benefits within the Xungible platform


A XungiBallz (XGBALLZ) Trustline will be required to recieve the XGBALLZ token.