About Xungible

Supporting blockchain communities all over the world.

Our Mission

Xungible is a decentralized social media platform built on the XRPL (for it's fantastic benefits, speed, low cost and environmental friendliness!). Xungible has multi-chain NFT capability and marketplace allowing users to mint and own their posts, moment, creations and art.

Our Vision

Currently creators and collectors are spread across several platforms which is fragmented. Xungible will do all this in one place. We envisage a user being able to pull out their phone, take a photo, mint it (on a network of their choice) and share it on one platform. create, share, mint - Xungible.

How We Stand out


Xungible brings together and unites blockchain communities, content creators, buyers, sellers, collectors and artists in one place.

Built on XRP Ledger

Xungible is built on XRPL because of its beneficial speed, low cost and environmental friendliness.


Xungible will enables its users to interact and mint any of their posts and digital assets as NFTs on listed blockchain networks. They can then sell or buy NFTs in the marketplace.

Meet the Xungible Team.


Founder and CEO






10+ Employees

10% seniors - 60% middle - 30% juniors



4 days working remotely - 1 day in office